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RAME-HART has been supplying the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries with our machines for the past 40 years. Several of our customers are the industry leading producers of the influenza vaccine, both in the United States and abroad.

Our skilled technicians take great pride in building and assembling both our semi-automatic line of machines, as well as our fully automatic harvesting and inoculating machines.

The RAME-HART Egg Inoculator and Harvester machines are used by biological vaccine manufacturers around the world to produce egg-cultured vaccines for human or veterinary applications. They have proven to be highly reliable in many years of service and are constructed primarily from 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Machine components which are critical from a sterility aspect are autoclavable. These machines are of a compact durable design and have proven to be cost effective whenever large numbers of eggs must be processed.

5 Emery Avenue, Randolph
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Tel.: +1 973-335-0560




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Company karma

We are aware of our social responsibilities and especially our responsibilities to our own stakeholders.

These include employees, customers, suppliers and other relevant interested parties. We are also aware that we must ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal. 

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Part of something bigger

Black up Blend Designer Lace Boots SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, headquartered in Odense, Denmark, is a leading company within egg handling and processing equipment, equipment for egg inoculation and harvesting for vaccines, enzymes for enhanced functional egg products, in-ovo vaccination and automation and robotics.

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Material & care

Upper material: High-quality imitation leather

Lining: Imitation leather/ textile

Insole: Imitation leather

Sole: Synthetics

Padding type: Cold padding

Fabric: Faux leather


Shoe tip: Round

Shoe fastener: Laces

Pattern: Plain

Details: Cut-outs, broguing

Article number: BL512K009-Q11

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